Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Electrosol Non Flammable RXSOL-10-1076-035 Degreaser-10 A well balanced blend of non-chlorinated degresol ( Having super Degreasing power ) with surfactants
Alt Sodium Citrate Anhydrous RXSOL-19-3780-256 Poultry Feed Chemicals-97 Sodium citrate anhydrous is a tribasic salt of citric acid.
Alt FERRIC SULPHATE SOLUTION RXSOL-43-6604-200 Cooling Water Chemical-43 Ferric Sulphate Solution 50 percent 250 Kg Liquid Pack
Alt Corrosion Inhibitor 1850RX RXSOL-43-4162-250 Cooling Water Chemical-43 A substance that reduces the corrosion rate of a metal surface exposed to the corrosive environment
Alt Bio Dispersant Cooling Water Treatment Fouling Control RXSOL-43-4093-025 Cooling Water Chemical-43 Bio-Dispersant effectively cleans and disperse heavily fouled Cooling Water Systems
Alt Coagulant for Cooling Water System RXSOL-43-4095-025 Cooling Water Chemical-43 A part from the use in water treatment and urban water supply, Polyaluminium Chloride also finds app
Alt Carbohydrazide Test KIT RXSOL-62-2541-001 Test Kit For Water-62 The test develops a peach-pink colored complex within 1 minute that is then matched to a color compa
Alt Alkaline Degreaser Carbon Remover RXSOL-18-1842-025 Paint and Cleaning solvent-18 It is a strongly alkaline liquid concentrate containing sequestrants, surfactants and other additive
Alt Di-(2-EthylHexyl) Phosphoric Acid (DEHPA) RXSOL-19-3362-025 Textiles / Looms-91 It is an Organo phosphorus compound which is pale yellow in color and is a diester of phosphoric aci
Alt Stain Remover Colour Protection Hygiene H RXSOL-15-2722-005 House / HOTEL & CATERING-15 Stain Remover Colour Protection Hygiene 017-10 H