Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt DEICING SALT RXSOL-23-8200-025 Ballast Tank Chem-23 De-icing salt for anti-freezing of ballast water
Alt Heat Transfer Salt RXSOL-42-1436-025 Boiler Chemicals-42 Heat Transfer water mix propylene glycol liquid for Closed Loop Havac system, VSD cooling system .
Alt Ferrous Water Test Tube Pack RXSOL RXSOL-62-5542-100 Test Kit For Water-62 Replacement pack for the Ferrous Wear Meter.
Alt Sodium Chlorite 80% Powder RXSOL-19-1977-051 Raw Chemicals-19 SodiumChlorite is also used for water treatment purpose.
Alt Hydrogen Peroxide 35 RXSOL-15-1630-035 House / HOTEL & CATERING-15 Pure form is a colorless liquid, slightly more viscous than water.
Alt Sulfuric Acid 98% RXSOL-19-1104-060 Raw Chemicals-19 Purified sulphuric acid manufactured by various filteration process by unique features.
Alt Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner RXSOL-22-1388-025 Hold Solution-22 Excellent pre treatment and binder for metal surfaces to be painted.
Alt RO Antiscalant 2020 High Silica Inhibition RXSOL-33-3339-025 RO Chemicals-33 RO Antiscalant 2020 Rx is a liquid antiscalant and dispersant that offers excellent
Alt Zinc Sulfate 33 RXSOL-61-6392-050 Medicine-95 Molecular Formula: ZnSO4 · 7H2O
Alt Zinc Sulfate RXSOL-61-6392-025 Agriculture-94 Molecular Formula: ZnSO4 · 7H2O