Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Acetic Acid RXSOL-15-1267-125 House / HOTEL & CATERING-15 Acetic Acid is carboxylic acid used in a wide variety of application
Alt Glycol for Chiller RXSOL-41-1436-025 Automobiles-41 Heat Transfer water mix propylene glycol liquid for Closed Loop Havac system, VSD cooling system.
Alt EC Slip Barrier Coats HOLD BLOCK RXSOL-25-2210-210 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 Polymer BASED non reactive coating materials which makes thin film barrier on surface after dry.
Alt Cement PLAST RXSOL-67-6701-010 Construction Chem-67 Cement PLASTER
Alt BenzalKonium Chloride BKC RXSOL-12-1599-050 Detergent & Soap-12 Benzalkonium salts are widely used as disinfectants, biocides and detergents, among a variety of oth
Alt Enviro Guard Sulfite RXSOL-23-1305-025 Ballast Tank Chem-23 Removal of chlorine, After 25 seconds of contact, catalyzed sodium sulfite removed the chlorine cont
Alt Turbine Condenser Cleaner RXSOL-37-5015-025 Power Plant / Heavy Industries-37 It is a specially engineered condenser coil cleaner and brightener.
Alt Marine Growth Cleaner RXSOL-25-4038-025 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 Cleaning agent can perfectly clean off all kinds of marine fouling such as sticky matter and ooze at
Alt Demineralised Water D.M WATER RXSOL-25-2204-005 Hand Wash / Personal care-14 Extremely high quality.