Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Demulsifier Fuel Oil Premium RXSOL-81-3733-025 Fuel Treatment-70 A premium class Fuel Oil demulsifier of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsions for example w
Alt Concrete Cure 42 RXSOL-67-1411-025 Construction Chem-67 It controls water retention and evaporation rates in newly placed concrete to provide added strengt
Alt Coil and Air Filter Cleaner HD RXSOL-39-3901-025 Radiator and AC coil cleaner-39 It is Extra Stron Cleaner containing Surface active agent, corrosion inhibitors, and water condition
Alt SALICYLIC ACID RXSOL-19-3720-025 Raw Chemicals-19 SALICYLIC ACID
Alt Antifoam Defoamer Elite M8 RXSOL-16-2066-200 Engine room Maintenance-16 Highly effective liquid antifoam formulated for controlling foaming and priming in seawater distilla
Alt Potassium Chloride RXSOL-97-8102-100 Drilling Fluids & Mud Oil Field chemicals-81 Potassium Chloride Exporter, Manufacturer
Alt MIKROBAC FORTE RXSOL-19-3356-062 Raw Chemicals-19 Mikrobac forte is a QAC / amine-based cleaning disinfectant concentrate for disinfection of surfaces
Alt isopropenyl acetate RXSOL-19-3361-061 Raw Chemicals-19 Isopropenyl acetate is an organic compound, which is the acetate ester of the enol tautomer of aceto
Alt Calcium Cyanamide RXSOL-19-3359-025 Agriculture-94 Calcium cyanamide is used as a fertilizer, pesticide, and in the manufacture of other chemicals.
Alt Lactic Acid Liquid RXSOL-19-1344-050 Raw Chemicals-19 Lactic Acid