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Product Short Description: RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid is a liquid mixture of antioxidant, Aromatic Diamines and sterically hindered phenols type antioxidant, which acts as high performance antioxidant, and prevents gum formation in gasoline
Product Description:

RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid  is a liquid mixture of antioxidant, suitable for use in Gasoline, Turbine Oils etc. This product is a combination of Aromatic Diamines and sterically hindered phenols type antioxidant, which acts as high performance antioxidant, and prevents gum formation in gasoline. RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid will aid in meeting the potential gum content specification as per applicable standards and also acts as carburetor detergent, corrosion inhibitor and fuel distribution aid.

Product Application:

RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid  is a versatile antioxidant that can be used in both gasoline and biodiesel. It inhibits gum formation in FCC gasoline and catalyzes inhibitor-sweetening reactions in sour gasolines. It is approved for both civilian and military gasolines. Furthermore, it helps inhibit oxidation and loss of stability in a wide variety of biodiesel feedstocks.

Product Dose:

RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid  is most effective in gasoline having a low level of olefins, i.e. below about 10 percent by volume. The most important  RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid having good antioxidant activity in gasoline have sterically hindered hydroxyl groups due to the presence of alkyl groups in ditert-butylphenol, 2,4-dimethyl-9-6-tert-butylphenol and 2,6-ditert-butyl phenol. These mixtures have the advantage that they have lower freezing points than the pure materials and can be more cost effective.

The correct dosage of the RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid   has to be assessed and fixed after testing in the laboratory with the gasoline samples of the concerned refinery. However, to contain the potential gum within the specified limits of 50 g / m3 Max the following dosage levels are suggested.

Determination of potential gum in Motor Gasolines as per applicable ASTM D525 standards

   Potential gum range in Gasoline                               Suggested dosage of additive
 ( Blank samples without additive)  g / m3

        51 – 120                                                                             15 ppm
      121 – 180                                                                             20 ppm
      181 – 300                                                                             30 ppm

Product Note:

Mechanism Of RXSOL Antioxidant Liquid  :

Gasoline is subject to deterioration due to oxidation, which occurs both during storage and use in an engine. Oxidation gives rise to the formation of gums, which can seriously influence the performance of the gasoline. Gum is the product of a series of oxidation and polymerisation reactions involving mainly the olefinic compounds present in a gasoline. The initial reaction product is a hydroperoxide followed by a series of other reactions giving rise to a complex range of products. Antioxidants function by combining with peroxide free radicals and by decomposing hydroperoxides into stable substances.

Future &  Benefits

  • Improves storage stability of a wide range of gasolines
  • Inhibits gum formation in FCC gasolines
  • Catalyzes inhibitor-sweetening reaction in sour gasolines.

Storage Stability & Handling :

The primary purpose of an antioxidant liquid is to extend the period for which gasoline can be stored before its gum content becomes too high for trouble-free use.  In time, all antioxidant in a gasoline will be consumed and then gum formation will increase very rapidly. An antioxidant cannot destroy gum that has already been formed and, because of this, it is essential to add it as early in the refinery processing sequence   as  possible   before  the oxidation chain reaction has started. It is normal with cracked streams for the antioxidant to be injected in the rundown line from the process unit to tankage. Additional antioxidant can also be added to the finished gasoline blend.

Avoid breathing vapors or mist.  Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.   

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