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Our Smart Buyer plan Helps our customers to get Competitive Prices, We are Chemical Supplier Importer Exporter in Barke Muscat Oman.

Our Valuable Products: Degreasers, Demulsifiers, Alumina, Carbon,  Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Chemicals,  Flocculant, Oil Field and Marine Chemicals full range, Tank Clean, Ship Hold Cleaning Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals, Antiscalant, Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Silicate, Caustic, Citric Acid, HF, Phosphoric Acid, Acetic Acid, Construction Chemicals, Iodine, Detergents Raw Materials like LABSA, SLS, SLES etc




Get Chemicals Locally in Oman

Get Chemicals Locally in Barka Muscat Oman. We are keeping ready stock of Chemicals in Oman, And also importing Chemicals for our Customers based in Oman. International Chemical Company Group Division: INDIA, UAE, NAIROBI, OMAN

Global Chemical Partner

International Chemical Sourcing Centre in Barka Muscat Oman

Our Strong presence in Oman, UAE, India, and Nairobi helps us to keep our chemicals customer happy in Quality and quantities wise. Share your chemical demand, We are ready to work for you.

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Chemical Category - Get a selected CHEMICAL PRODUCT from our classified chemical category as per your Industrial or application-wise chemical Demand Chemical category helps you to select actual chemicals from our more than 3000 chemical products.

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